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Be ambitious towards yourself. Start now on a training path that will enable you to achieve the physicality you deserve. Because staying fit and healthy has never been more important than today. All it takes is a few things put together in the right way and results will not be long in coming.

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postural improvement and functional recovery

LIVE sessions for postural improvement. Targeted post-trauma sessions for total functional recovery.

cardio-circulatory improvement

LIVE sessions aimed at improving muscles and the cardiovascular system through high-intensity HITT training sessions.

slimming & muscularisation

LIVE sessions for slimming women and men aged between 35 and 60. Targeted classes for muscularisation of men and women in general.

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I thought it was not crucial to work together with a fitness expert. I was convinced it was enough just to lift weights in the gym. I had to change my mind. In one year alongside Top Francky I managed to achieve remarkable results in terms of strength and increased muscle mass despite my genetics being reluctant to grow.


It's amazing the physical change I achieved after I decided to work one-on-one with a professional. In just a few months of training together with Top Francky, I recovered from years of absolute standstill.

In just over a year, I have significantly increased my muscle volume while decreasing my body fat.

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